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Revers Logistics

How do we reallocate end of life models?

➡︎ Mars Tech has a proven ability to drive growth through asset reallocation; our presence in IT distribution extends to markets where consumer preferences support the demand for end-of-life product lines which creates an added benefit to vendors in North America where product life cycles have dramatically shortened

What retailers can expect from our program?

➡︎ Vendors can expect efficient use of our asset recovery program and streamline distribution to increase velocity, drastically reduce transportation and admin overhead, improve customer retention by adding new models introduced, and cut after market support costs out of the equation

What is the outcome?

➡︎ The ultimate outcome that our asset recovery program is that we substantially lower costs by optimizing product liquidation. We provide economic value and savings

Why choose Mars Tech for Asset Recovery

➡︎ Mars Tech offers a unique value asset management proposition of with a complete asset purchasing service combined with a full service logistics solution. We provide a seamless solution that will drive sustainability and deliver additional revenue streams. Our program is designed for partners who have built up and unused, returned, or obsolete inventory to make room for innovative new technology.

What if I have more than one asset location?

➡︎ Mars Tech has the global reach and logistical capacity to purchase from multi-locations across the united states. Our knowledge of the market allows us to minimize your opportunity cost and downtime

Our solution

We buy excess inventory on the spot, no matter the size. Our global reach and sales channels allow us to remarket end products to customers out of the retailers reach

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