Inventory Relief

Mars Tech brings reverse supply chain profitability to a new level, we provide a reverse supply chain buyback solution that address needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and retailers. we help find untapped value of their products that have been over forecasted and unsold creating value instantly. Finding a sales channel to re-market and resell unsold inventory can be a daunting task for retailers and is arguably one of the most difficult aspects of the supply chain. Even Too much inventory and you're overstocked; too little and you miss out on demand.

Asset capitalization ✓

at Mars Tech we help middle line managers, and inventory forecasting with our inventory relief purchasing program. Consumer electronics can be hard to judge demand, especially during holiday seasons and promotions; over supply of inventory can reduce the opportunity to order new, more demanded models of products

Price Fluctuations ✓

As the valuation of technology spikes or dips, respectively, organizations without optimized inventory levels run the risk of paying too much to procure components or recovering too little for excess inventory when inventory is liquidated

Service Ability ✓

Inventory managers all too often choose to be cautious when it comes to determining inventory levels. Over time, these inventories build up, can lead to sizable amounts of unused inventory, which ultimately hurts there level of serviceability by having too much end of life OEMs. We buy older models of smartphones and tablets before inventory has to be liquidated at pricing that is unprofitable.

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We buy excess inventory on the spot, no matter the size. Our global reach and sales channels allow us to remarket end products to customers out of the retailers reach

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